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If I wrote one more story or series, who should it be about? Black Butler only.. 
Entry 68: April 29 1890, England Reaper Realm, Reaper Society Building.

    I arrive an hour late to work, my attire being more professional than usual. Dress shirt, vest, slacks, Grell would be proud, I hope. I walk to my desk a smile on my face that never use to be there, but there is something else odd in the day other than my tardiness. Stacks of papers on my desk, I've never taken on more than a few new reapers at a time. I stop at my desk and look over everything, these weren't what I thought they were. 50 of my reaper clients have resigned from my services, within each vanilla folder there was hate message as well. "odd.." I say to myself then sigh, most of the clients leaving my services were newer, 5-10 years. Luckily for me, I've worked more than 80 years, "I.. I'm sorry ___" Karen says placing a hand on my shoulder.

    "No need, it isn't your doing.." I say to her sighing, "excuse me," I leave her walking to the counter in my office. "I would like to put in application for a new desk," I tell the lady signing off paperwork, she nods and hands me a form. "Thank you," I say with a slight bow walking back to my desk. "I do not wish you to fall behind, I'll be seeing you Karen,"  I smile at her hoping she would leave sooner. She nods simplistically and leaves, I crack my neck as I take my seat. A great morning, waking up to Grell, our passions, his sweet voice in the early morning. His cooking, many things I do adore about this day, they will help me make it through this miner inconvenience. I have more than 100 other reaper scythes I manage, but the younger ones may keep me from any newer clients. I flip though the first folder and sign off, I start a pile for the reapers who wish to use Karen now as their modifier. This is going to be a long day.

~Time Skip~

    I work nonstop filing this forms, they are not normal sign and resign, no. With each reassign I have to explain, in detail, of all the modifications I have made, plus any weaknesses it might hold. 50 different scythes I have to remember what I did to, lucky for me I am methodical, I've written every possible thing down. Now it is all about copying each form, "oh no.." I say low as the head of my division walks to me. "_____" Oswalt addresses me, I nod to him looking up, "Yes, sir?" I answer him. "I just happened to notice you haven't worked on any scythes today, may I ask as to why is this?" he looks smug at me, idiotic. "As you can see sir, I've lost a great deal of my personal for some odd reason. Once I finish this work, and if any of my clients need their scythes modified, I will help them. As for now, one step at a time," I clench my teeth telling him. "Very well, keep up the good work," he says quickly not really wanting to hear what I had to say. Good thing he fears me, "Mr. ____, I've come to retrieve my scythe, I have decided to take my business elsewhere," the young reaper from yesterday says arriving late to my office. "Miller, David, are you sure?" I ask him as I guess this his father who stands behind him.

     "I-I'm sure," he says looking back to the tall reaper behind him. I sigh and nod, "Very well, one moment," I tell them standing and walking to my second work desk. I walk into the workshop and sit at my desk, stupid idiots, when does a man's status make him weak? I take out the sword, one of my finest works, the blade clean, crystal blue. "____, darling?" my love calls to me as I daze at the sword in my hands, I should break it. I can, I know it's weak spot, "I didn't know you made it to work darling, we should check in more with each other- wait, what's wrong?" Grell notices quicker than any other in my previous relationships when things are not correct with me. He stands by my side and carefully holds my head to his chest, I sigh heavily holding him. "I have the perfect cure for a rough day.." Grell says rubbing in my hair and kissing my head. I smile smelling his soft scent, "I will need a double dose of it my dear," I say lifting my head up to watch his eyes roam my face. His lips are too soft to be real, to be mine, all mine.
    He kisses me passionately and rub in my hair, causing me to purr on his cheek. Placing a soft kiss to his neck, "Have you had lunch? I really need to talk about this," I quietly confess to him as he holds me close. "Mmhm," he kisses me, "I'm on lunch now, get your stuff so we can go darling," Grell says rubbing my cheek and stepping back. I nod and grab the sword, "first I have to do this," I tell Grell walking in front of him holding his hand. Gasps left and right as we enter my workplace, the reaper behind Miller unfolded his arms in shock, his mouth slightly dropping. I smirk looking at the younger still seated at my desk, "Here you are," I tell the young reaper handing off his sword. They both gasped seeing my handiwork on the handle, the family crest made amazingly better and forever remediable. "I made the metal thicker than most because if there is ever a ding, or dent, although I highly doubt it. But if so, the sword may be sheered down to get rid of it, making the sword both lighter and easier to handle. I'd suggest you work more on your arms," I say smiling getting to talk about my work, in front of my love. Grell smiles holding my arm and I look at him as his head rests on my shoulder, "Amazing, thank you," the younger man tells me.

    I smile and nod, "I don't trust this, how do we know as soon as my son faces a demon this sword will even cut them... for all we know you could have weakened it because we wish to use other services other than yours," the older Miller says to me placing the swords tip to my neck. I stand firm, not caring for his threat, "Why don't you flinch toy maker?" the older asks me as Grell looks on in shock holding my hand. "Every weapon I have ever made has a flaw that could destroy it in one touch, a secret only I will ever know. And it is because this scythe is your son's I do not break this into two pieces making the precious family crest handle into nothing more than a relic to look at..." I say calmly staring the older reaper in the eyes. "Dad, stop... I'm staying with him," the younger spoke up for himself, I smile and move the tip of the sword away. "Fine, but first.. you must help him break in his scythe, as is accustomed," the older Miller says handing the sword to his son. I stare at him and nod, "Yes, of course, but first I must have lunch. I will do my work as costumed of my new clients after lunch with my dear," I tell them with a smile walking away holding Grell's hand.

    I squeeze Grell's hand as we walk farther away, "It's ok, it's ok darling, we're together..." Grell whispers to me as I have a fit in the hall. I growl in a rage punching the brick wall denting it and causing pieces to crumble to the floor. I laid my head on the wall while Grell stroked my hair down my back and rubbed it softly. "Come love, let's eat and forget this..." he kisses my cheek, I hold his waist and nod. "I'm seconds from asking for a massage when I get off work," I whisper to him as he walks me to the cafeteria. "Oh... the shoulders or the back... or.. lower," Grell says as I place a soft kiss on his neck and smile. "I want to massage you.. all over, that is what will make me feel better," I tell Grell holding around his waist and sighing on his neck. He giggles and gets a tray loading it with food as we walk down the food service line. "Mm.. you may do that, after I get to treat you first," he says grabbing two meal trays. "Yes love, after you relax me... mm, I really enjoyed your cooking, next time I'll wake you up early and help you make lunches," I tell him as I pay for our food then walk to a round white table nearby the big open window area.

    Grell smiled and sat close to me, "What are you talking about, I wake up before you all the time," he says as I sit closer to him. I laugh as he laughs, "it is true, but I will help you, even if I'm not exactly great at cooking," I tell him as we began eating. "That sounds great, I'd love a little helper in the kitchen with me," he says smiling wiping my cheek. I blush slightly staring in his eyes, "you're so gorgeous, you know that?" I ask him as he blushes from my staring. "I think I'm getting the picture," he says smiling a brighter smile. I move a piece of hair behind his ear, "So what was the problem today? I've never seen so many forms on anyone's desk, even William's!" Grell says playing with my finger that gently stroked his jaw. "Yes, seems some reapers are upset that you are no longer single... and that you are dating someone in the scythe modifying department. Strangely, people look down upon it," I tell him chuckling by the end. He laughs too and holds my hand, "poor people, it's strange how they look down on us when they have to look up to see us," Grell giggles and moves closer. I lean forward and kiss him, he smiles on my lips, he smiles on my lips, sweet, tasty, hungry... "Mm. darling, we should stop, I don't want you to.. lose control," Grell says placing his forehead on mine, keeping my lips from his neck.

    "y-yeah.. that's very smart," I say sighing happily leaning on him with my eyes closed. "My darling is such a hard worker, I'll make sure you are taken care of when you get home-... home," Grell pauses blushing, I lift my head from his shoulder and look at him. He doesn't look at me, so shy, so nervous to what I would say or think. "When we get home, eh? I'm holding you to it love," I say showing him a bright smile then kissing his cheek. I stood and took our empty tray to the garbage, he loves me so much, I want to give him all. Tonight I should buy some champagne, "We should get going darling," I whisper to him as he smiles down at the table. I hold my arm out for him, oh gawd his eyes. I'm nearly weakened to my knees as he stares at me with those eyes. The look of love, adoration is written with our blood in his eyes, he takes my arm and closes my shocked mouth. "I love to see you blush," he says kissing me with that golden twinkle in his eyes. "I love you..." I say holding him close to me, "I know," he giggles as I rest my head on his. "I hope I'm not interrupting," William speaks quietly walking up behind me. I turn to look at him and give a short nod, "William," I address him, "____, it is good to see you, I heard of your misfortune of your clients leaving," William tells me with his hands behind his back.

    "Yes it is unfortunate, but I do have far more, if anything less than 25% of my clientele has left," I inform him as Grell holds to my waist. I look firmly at William as he watches Grell, "I, um, have to get back to work love... I'll see you tonight," Grell says backing away. I nod and kiss his hand with a smile, "See you then," I tell him as he blushes. "By the way love, you look great," Grell tells me, I pause a moment realizing he noticed. I smile at his red hair as he walks away, I never felt so lucky. All this time he could have been mine, but maybe then I would not have been strong enough to fight all the challenges being thrown at me. "You've come to witness the fight, I assume?" I ask William as Grell exits the doors, he smiled and nodded. "You are correct," William says stepping back to walk by my side. I hate this, "It is not a fight, I must break in the reaper and the scythe, it is just one of my many duties as a scythe modifier," I tell William as we walk to the training faculty. "Is that why you enjoy your job so much?" he asks me opening the door for me. "Because you get several things to do, not just stay at one desk all day long," William speaks highly of my work, "When one thinks long enough about it, it does sound appealing," he smiles to me.

    I nod, "Yes, but to me all jobs are a job, but I do enjoy it when it gets me from paperwork," I say to him walking forward to gear up. A padded shirt and fencing helmet, I grab a metal pipe and stretch my back, "Why do I not get gear?" the young Miller asks nervously at the other end of the training room. Hardwood flooring, the room bright with sun, "When you are out in the real world against demons, even tough souls, you will be unprotected as you are now. Padding would do you no good for when in the real world you can't have it," I tell young Miller circling around him as he now stands in the middle of the room. "You must show you can handle ANY and EVERY thing that COME to YOU!" I say swinging the pipe at him being blocked by his new sword scythe. "Do you understand?" I ask fighting my pipe against his sword faster. "yes!" he says nearly cutting my head off but I blocked in time, "Whoa, whoa, do be careful..." I say to him standing up straight.

    He gasped and bowed, "I'm sorry," I shake my head touching his shoulder, "No, no, it's alright, that's good killer quality for demons, remember out there, there is no stop button." He nods at me and shakes my hand, "Besides, when should you have to face another reaper?" I ask him with a smile. "It is an unfortunate thing, but it does sometime happen," William says patting Miller on his shoulder. "It seems you are ready, head to your new desk and start your day," William tells him with a short lived smile. Miller nods and smiles, "Thank you, thank you both sir, and I love my scythe. I will not be leaving your services ever!" he says happy shaking my hand walking off. Other reapers and scythe modifiers began leaving as well, "You make everyone so happy," William says placing a hand on my shoulder. "I don't try to... I just let others do as they may, and sometimes it just letting them hit a rock without either of them breaking or denting," I sigh looking back at him.

    "How about you and I?" William summons his scythe and twirls it, "I have paperwork," I tell him with a smirk. "Humor me... please.." he says stepping back. I smile and scuff, "And they say you aren't fun?" I chuckle lightly and remove my fencing helmet, I remove the padded jacket then walk back to him. "So.. Why don't you become a reaper? We could assign you a partner, someone to keep you in line..." William says shooting his scythe at me as I block it. "I don't want to lose my mind.. Simple, and even if I did not have a reason, my word is good enough," I tell him fighting him with the pipe. "True, but you could make more money.. not to mention work closer with Grell," he says aiming for my legs but I jump over them and swing for his face but he blocks it. "That is tempting... But I like the idea of meeting up with Grell and not already knowing about his day, and besides," I says hitting his wrist and sliding the pipe behind his neck.

    In the perfect choking hold, William smirks and I say low, "Who says I want someone to control me? I may do as I may here... I don't need anyone telling when I can and when I cannot kill, how I may and how I may not kill..." William nodded his head, his throat pressed against the pipe, "I understand... you are suffocating the beast rather than setting it free only to be put in a different cage," he says taking the pipe from his throat turning and looking at me. "Yes... exactly," I say with a sigh and look down, "I bet Grell loves the beast..." William says walking backwards to the exit. My eyes widen and I look to William's eyes in a bit of shock, "I just hope you do not hurt him one day no longer being able to control it. Your beast must roam free sometime, or it will attack the innocent," he says looking back at me leaving. I look down at the pipe in my hand, I do not wish to hurt my love. I should find some way to release this beast, or contain it for a bit time more. Heavy sighs leave my body as I look to the ceiling, I crack my neck once more, "Back to work.."
End Of Entry...

I only own the story, thank you for reading, there are more, and until there isn't I will continue to post them. Then and only then will I ask you all the question of should I continue.


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I love Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler, yeah, one day was looking for a lot of Grell and Male fan fic, didn't find any, and thought you know I should write some, hopefully start a trend, I don't it has caught on yet, but I have put some nice ones out their to get some started. With that, I got here, yup and I am loving it. I don't ever draw the people I love, like Grell, for fear of altering their beautiful imperfections. I love hands, I love to draw hands, hands are my favorite part of the body. That and another thing, that makes me have a naughty mind. :P

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