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Sorry for the delay, but it is back and I hope you like it... A little of Grell in this one, enjoy. I only own the story. JustSoYouKnow Flashback picks back up from the end of Chapter 2. :D

 Final Chapter: Fists and Hearts, One Must Break and One must Heal

    *Leaves Crunch* *Moans* *Pants* "Oh gawd!" Grell exclaimed as he scratched down your back as you grind deep into his body. "Oh my gawd, ah! Ah! Damn your amazing!" you said sucking his neck as you grind hard lovingly and strongly into his body, losing yourself into his amazing soft femininely pale body. "Ah!" Grell whimpered loudly in your ear as you hit his sweet spot just right. You looked down deep into his eyes and kissed him, "I-I (pant) I love you," you said panting making the most beautiful of noises of moans and groans in the forest. He smiled deep into your eyes, "I knew it," he said smiling kissing you passionately, he rolled you to your back and began to ride you while your back pressed against a tree.

    You were lost in his beauty as rode you hard and incredible, you gasped watching his long red hair swing left and right, and the soft features of his face glistening in the sun as he caressed up and down your throbbing hot length. He looked down at you with his eyes partly opened smiling, moaning as you would grab his arse tightly and grind up into his slowly rocking body over you. You smirked and sat up more and kissed him as he giggled as you held his cheek with one hand, you broke the kiss moaning softly on his lips. You curled your toes in the grass as he tasted so good on your body, "My gawd, AH!" you said yelling as Grell squeezed his muscles beautifully as he grind on you more, rubbing his soft slender stomach and chest on yours, you softly bite his bottom lip unable to continue looking at the extremely arousing sight before you.


    "Sounds like Sutcliff is taking care of _____, he seems to have left you here to your own demise Mr. Michaelis," William said fighting hard with Sebastian. Sebastian growled but continued the relentless attack not showing any signs of become human yet, "Ah!" Grell's loud orgasmic yell echoed from deep within the forest. Ciel smirked and said, "Sounds like ____, has turned the tables." Both William and Sebastian stopped their fight and tried not to laugh of his unknowing of the situation in the woods. "Why are you fighting us?" Sebastian asked with his snare again looking at William while panting a bit. "We are here to protect the rules, a few months ago, Nova the Protector, had a tragic heartbreak and he disappeared for 3 months and missed his scheduled week of return to the London Reaping District. We thought he wouldn't return to fix this problem and we acted in the best interest of our area," William said flatly standing staring at Sebastian.

     Sebastian was a little shocked, "N-Nova?.... I-I remember learning of him..." Sebastian said looking down holding his chin, "You are a stupid demon aren't you?" William said using his scythe to quickly grab Sebastian's neck and began to tighten. "Ah!" Sebastian said low as the scythe was crushing his throat, "Ah! N-Nova!! Protector and Guardian of our world and it's rules! I call upon you!" Sebastian yelled began choked to near death. 

... Meanwhile ...

    Grell was smiling laying on your chest as you were passed out sleeping happily, with him in your arms. 'Nova' 'Nova..' 'You are summoned' 'You are summoned..' 'Awake' 'Awake..' 'Awake in your true form' 'Your true form.' the voices began to whisper and echo in your head. Your eyes opened slowly and the fire within them could not be hidden, Grell was smiling but it dropped as you sat up and walked naked from the forest with no word. You inhaled deeply and caught on fire, your fire grew in size as it caught the outer edge of the forest on fire, the surrounding forest around the minor was a blaze as you walked to William. William and along with all the other people and reapers halted and watched as you crossed the field. Every step you took the fire of grass behind you disappeared with a scorch of black making the foot print. 

    You rolled your neck as your flamed dissipated into a black suit upon your body, you smirked smoothing your black hair back biting your lip looking around fixing your tie. When you are in your true form you are blinded and you temporally lose sight of where you are and what you are doing, your chaos side is shown. You smirked and looked at the edge of the forest you walked from and the flame resided and the soot fell from the trees, leaving no evidence of it having been burnt. You smiled looking around then, "What the hell?" you said realizing you were in front of Sebastian and William.

     "Y-You're Nova?" Sebastian said shocked to see you, you smiled and looked at him blushing, "Why yes, my sweet good boy," you said smiling rubbing his cheek. He shivered slightly at your extremely warm nearly hot touch, "Oh, my sweet good boy, why have you called upon me," you asked placing your hand in your pocket leaning on your right leg more and smirking. It will take you awhile to retrieve all your human-like form memories, "T-they are trying to kill us" Sebastian said shocked you don't remember even a bit of the intense battle you were just in before running into the forest with Grell.

     William was shocked too as you looked at him, "Is that true, reaper?" you asked looking at him tilting your head smiling at his nice features. William blushed and looked away, "Nova, we spoke-" he started but you grabbed his neck hard with your eyes blazing, "You should watch how you speak to me, reaper," you said to him tossing him to the ground hard. "It's Nova Sir," you said snarling down at him, he smirked and looked away, "I would never say Sir at this moment," he said standing dusting his suit off. You rose an eyebrow at his behavior, "Oh really reaper? And why not?" you said walking closer to him staring in his eyes with your raised eyebrow. "Because you told me never to call you 'Sir' unless, I did something naughty," he said smirking removing his glasses staring at you. You chuckled and looked away, "Wait a minute- 

*Flashback to last night*

  "Hello to you too, again, Mr. Nova," he said walking out of the shadows of the hallway with his green-ish yellow eyes glistening, "Just fucking with life....Gawd," you said looking down, hating you have been found out, you turn to face him and sigh. "I was hoping you would not remember me, I won't lie like I remembered you at first myself," you said walking closer to him standing in front of the island that separated you two. "How could I forget you? You were my first male, that is, but that too was long ago, what were you, a speaker at the academy when we met?" he asked walking closer to you around the island. "Yes, and as I recall, you were a slacker, you did none of your work, a reaper with excellent potential and no.. uh... muse... to encourage you to be great," you said sightly smirking as he got closer to you.

  "Oh, and you gave me great.... encouragement... to do great things, Mr. Nova," he said walking close and putting and arm around your neck. "I wonder do you remember everything I taught you?" you asked him whispering in his ear, "Oh, yes sir, and then some," he said rubbing his nose on yours. "What have I told you about that 'Sir' crap? My, you have grown so tall since I last seen you," you said being able to press your forehead down on his now, he was now only a cm or two shorter than you. "Well, I was a growing young boy, when you so rudely came and took something so precious from me," he said acting coy and pressing his body on yours. "Well, I did say no passing notes during my lecture, you needed a bit of discipline, you were so rebellious," you said turning you both slightly to press his lower back on the island and grinding on his body rubbing his hard length in his black slacks.

  "This is true, I was a naughty little school boy, you made say 'Sir', Oh Gawd... how you made me say sir" he said looking deep into your eyes, you bite your lip and kissed him hard while gripping and stroking his hard length throw his pants as you grind more on him, "Bad Boy Billy, is what the young men use to call you, right?" you asked smiling feeling his hard cock on yours now. "Yes sir, (Chuckle) but now, they only call me... Mr. Spears," he said adjusting his new glasses looking at you. "You know you have to be a man, to be a Mr. anything, and I now understand, you must have been a very naughty mister for saying 'Sir' all this time," you said breathing softly on his lips rotating his head to see his strong slim neck, grinding him up the island a bit. 

  "Oh, I have earned my strips 'Sir', if you are through playing with your demons, maybe you'll like to see what new I have learned over the years," William said kissing your chin rubbing his hand along your belt. You softly kissed him and bite on his lower lip, tonguing his mouth gently, you softly traveled to his neck and sucked it causing William to moan softly and breathe a sigh of relief and dropping his cold stoic act. "But we both know, that we can't do any such thing," you said backing away feeling his hand unbulk your belt, "Now, I know that Mr. Spears, wouldn't want to do such a thing and get in a lot of useless trouble," you said placing your lower back on the counter behind you and leaning across from him.

   "You're right. Mr. Spears wouldn't, but Billy would," he said walking close to you kissing you more, you tried not to give in but you were losing badly. "No.. no.. we can't," you said after a few moments of intense aggressive kissing, biting his lips and him biting your neck and ears. You both were rubbing on each others bodies doing the right things for the other to moan louder. You back away quickly, "You need your sleep, we have to battle tomorrow," you said taking a breath looking at him. "Battle?" William said looking at you curiously, "No, Nova (smirk) 'Sir', tomorrow.... is an extermination, a plan that has been set before your arrival and it shall commence no matter what" he said trying to fix his clothes and new glasses. 

  "But you have no worry, we will stay away from you," he said standing back in his old ways. "Have you told anyone about me?" you asked looking down, "No, I came to make sure myself," he said smiling at you. "Then I will say do as they will do, do not hold back on me, I might be human-like that does not mean I am human, and do not speak a word of who I am," you said winking, "Very well, I will not hold back," he said walking to you again not being able to hold back, "You were always better when you didn't," you said sucking his tongue, kissing wildly again, he gripped your shirt and moaned pressing his hips hard to yours you bite his neck hard gripping his arse.

   "S-stop," you said feeling him finally sticking his hand in your pants and underwear, he started to stroke you and grabbed tightly, "You remember, this is how all this started. You couldn't keep your hands to yourself," you said trying to remove his hand but he only gripped tighter. "Oh, fuck," you said low in pleasure at the hard tight pull you caused him to do, "Fine, sir, but if you don't mind before you get all cozy with Grell, that you and I take a trip down memory lane? I have been very naughty and oh Sir, do I ever need a good ruling," he asked letting go and walking towards the door smirking. "S-sure, I did say when you become a man, I will show you how men act," you said smiling bending over some then straightening your back looking at him.

  "17 is still a man, but I wanted to see you as a true reaper before I taught you all I knew in dealing with undisciplined reapers," you said rubbing your hair back. "But I will say, no one has ever been as untamed as you were, as far as I hear," you said straightening your tie. "No sir, I still have that record, although I haven't been keeping up with it," he said smirking looking away, "Oh, you still have lying lips," you said smirking as well. "Hopefully you can fix that soon," he said smiling leaving, he was gone in the house went back quiet.

    You picked the apple up you dropped and threw it outside, you went to your room and pulled Sebastian more up the bed and got in with him. You looked at his face laying beside him, 'I hope you have not yet become human, well maybe, it would be best if you did, maybe it would be best if they kill you instead of me,' you thought kissing his forehead. You brushed his hair back some and started to drift to sleep, 'I still barely know a solid thing about this case, the investigation has only begun, and I am involved in a useless war by my fourth day. Great...' you thought looking at the sleeping demon, 'Today's knowledge is tomorrow's war,' you thought falling asleep.

    You awake with the sounds of birds chirping, you moan a bit and look to see Sebastian leaning on you still asleep from last night. You sigh and push his hair back, "My, my, you are such a good boy, I hope you don't lose all of you before the battle," you said kissing his forehead and getting out of the bed. You stretched and put some new clothes on, you walk out to the kitchen and was met with Tanaka drinking tea, you and him never really interacted before now, but you knew of each other. "Oh, Hey old man, how are you today," you said smiling extending your hand to shake his, "Whoop! Ow!" you said as he flipped you hard to your back, unexpectedly.

     You look up dazed at the old human man that has one up'ed you, and flipped you. "W-why d-did you do that?" you asked slowly getting up and holding your back, "I'm sorry sir, but I don't trust you still, you have not did anything to prove your loyalty to this manor, nor to the young master," he said standing over your head. 'Well, fuck you too, early in the morning,' you thought standing straight up and looking away as he spoke. "I don't have to prove anything to you, it is not you I am here to protect, nor you, am I here to show loyalty to," you said turning away starting breakfast. 'Damn old man, flipping me like that, fucking human, what is wrong with me? How did I not see that?' you thought snaring growing a bit upset at that fact. 

    'You have been out of it for a while, but I placed something in your path to help you beat this so called happiness,' your father said smirking in your head. You ignored him and Tanaka as you made breakfast, you sighed and handed him a plate of breakfast before walking to a room with the rest of the servants as Bard gives a pep talk and game plan. "Alright you guys, Mey Rin, I want you up high, you'll stop those bastards before they even can get past the tree line," he said motivated nearly shouting. She smiled and said with that annoying voice she puts on "Yes Sir!" You smiled and scuffed, "Yes, sure she will," you said smiling at her, she turned to you smirking and gave a sarcastic laugh, "Hur hur hur, you were just lucky the wind shifted suddenly," she said taking the plate looking up at you. 

    You chuckled and gave both Finny and Bard a plate, then sat and ate listening to him continue. "And Finny! You gotta get those spears ready, you have an amazing arm and strength. You will do best for close contact and the spears you will throw will get them from afar, but you stay closer to the manor," Bard continued his speech, while eating at the same time. You chuckled and looked down eating your food in the corner, "And You, ____!!" he shouted very enthusiastic to where you nearly jumped in shock. You looked him in the eyes with your plate now empty, "You are very trained I hear from Sebastian, and I expect you to handle the middle, but I will expect you to watch your step there mate," he said shouting with his hands by his side.

     'Gawd want you calm your tone man? It is like 4 in the morning?' you thought staring at the energetic man with a cigarette in his mouth. "W-Why would I want to watch my step?" you asked standing up as if in the military, "Oye there solider, you want to watch your step for I have set several mines around the manor in the fields, I hope you have got all you need from town," he said walking like a leader of an army in front of you with a ladle and chuckling a bit near the end. "Uh... alright then sir, but I have a question, and forgive me if this is rude, but do you know exactly where you placed all of those mines?" you asked with a raised eyebrow remembering that those other servants aren't as capable as you and Sebastian.

     He held a finger up and gasped, "You know, I don't remember, I... uh, guess, I didn't think about that," he said rubbing the back of his head, you just sighed and faced palm. He flinched as you looked at him a bit stern, "And I am the one un-trusted here," you said shaking your head walking away with your plate. "Ok, just tell me one more thing, there aren't any on the one road out of here," you said glaring back at him, he gasped and looked away scratching his head, "Well, I don't think?" he said face palming too. You sighed and turned around on your heel, "How are you expected to protect him, if the house is set ablaze and we must leave?" you asked a bit upset, you are playing a game with a lot of horrible variables. 'What idiot does this? I am part human, I can still die, and now that I face reapers, I can pretty much just go die in a quiet corner than go through with this stupid mine field of a battle,' you thought waiting on your answer.

     "That's the thing mate, we aren't to leave.... we are to protect both the young master and the manor at all costs," he said looking away dramatically. "Very well then, let us just hope the Young Master is not expecting guest," you said sighing walking away, you washed the dish and noticed the time. You combed your hair back and walked to Ciel's room, "Knock Knock," you knock on the door, "Come in ____" Ciel said finally noticing your own scent from Sebastian's. You smirked and walked in, he was sitting at the head of his bed holding his knees across his chest with his long sleep gown covering his toes. You bowed slightly and walked to him with a smile, "Good morning young brother Earl, how did you sleep?" you asked smiling trying to get him out of the bed.

     He was blushing and didn't want you to touch him, you rose an eyebrow, "I-I sleep well, as I could.... _____ can you sit for a moment," he asked shaking a bit. You nodded yes, a bit concerned and sat down near his feet, 'What exactly is wrong? *gasp* could he be telling me something about him and Sebastian's relationship?! No... my life has never been that easy nor simple,' you thought trying to bring a soft reassuring smile to him. "H-Have you e-ev... *sigh* um... Y-You ev-ever?.... Damn this so hard, Ow!" he said stuttering and blushing more, he then gave in and cursed, you smacked the back of his head. You rose and eyebrow with a smile, and he rubbed the back of his short black hair staring at you wincing a bit but brought a soft smile. You smirked and blinked, "Mmpf," your eyes burst open as Ciel had lounged forward and kissed you hard.

     Your eyes widened and you stood up quickly and waked away to the foot of the bed shocked, nervous, and disturbed. You looked away shocked scratching your eyebrow trying to process what just accrued without allowing yourself to think. "I-I'm sorry," Ciel said blushing hard plunging his head into a pillow hiding under his covers. You looked away scratching your head, 'Say something!' your sister said in your mind, 'Like fucking what?! A kid, demon or no, just fucking kissed me?!' you thought angered and confused. 'Maybe you should have 'The Talk' with him?' your mother asked a bit confused as well. You froze a bit looking at the wall blushing slightly, 'I-I c-can't?' you thought biting your nail a bit, 'Why not?' your father asked a bit harshly, you sighed and took a deep breath of pride then swelled your chest. 

    You walked to the bed and sat down, "C-Ciel, it is alright," you said poking for his sides, he started to giggle and you continued doing more poking. He giggled kicking out from under the covers a bit, you smiled and stopped having him sit up a little, "I-I'm sorry, I have just been having these urges t-to touch you," he said looking down covering his nose and mouth with the covers. You giggled and pulled it down to see his whole face, "That is very understandable I am a very attractive man," you said jokingly, combing your hair back with your hand again smirking. Ciel smiled at you and his eyes sort of roamed on you, making you a bit more uncomfortable again, you sat up right on the bed and looked down.

     "W-what about your fiancee?" you asked looking down then up at him, he gasped and looked away, "I-It's strange, I-I love her.. I think, but when around you, my body reacts i-in a weird way," he said looking down at his body and keeping his knees bent keeping something from your sight. Your eyes nearly burst, you look away, 'Gawd why?' you thought trying not to face palm. "Did Sebastian ever speak to you of the birds and the bees?" you asked looking back to him, he looked shocked and shook his head 'No'. "C-Can you tell me?" he asked wide eyed and blushing, '*sigh* Fuck, now how do I do this?'...
To Be Continued...

Yeah sorry it took so long, but it is back, and hopefully better than ever. I actually went back and read all the old chapters, and I had a realization moment. Kind of like when one rewatchs Walking Dead season one and realizing it wasn't any good, but hey, people liked it enough for me to keep going same as Walking Dead and now I love it. And now it's back, I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading, this shall be getting finished soon!
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